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We build and maintain beautiful vertical gardens.

Customer Experience

As the Canadian distributor for Vertical Garden Design, we take pride in developing a relationship with each client in order to provide them with the best customer experience throughout every step in creating, building and maintaining their custom living wall.

Client Ambition

We cater to each of our client’s ambitions and provide access to an array of plants and design combinations. Since each green wall is custom built, we can adapt to any space and its décor to incorporate or accent a room’s natural features.

Sustainable Living

Driven by our passion for sustainable living, craftsmanship and love for nature, Wallemi living walls are statement pieces that radiate life to any room in your home or business. Backed by the experience and knowledge of Vertical Garden Design, we deliver truly unique gardens and strive to make your ideas flourish.

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Vertical Garden Design is a well-established European Landscape Architect Practice, specialized in the designing of living walls. Since it’s beginning in 2004, Vertical Garden Design has had the opportunity to deliver and maintain living wall systems around the world in offices, hotels and restaurants. Their work extends as far as Spain, Portugal, Dubai, South Africa and Sweden.

Over the years, Vertical Garden Design has developed and perfected it’s own living wall system, which promotes the ideal environment for plant growth. With time, each plant species interacts with one another and transforms the green wall into a healthy ecosystem. As an expert in its field, Vertical Garden Design bases its design schemes on the integration and interaction of different species of plants to create natural, organic canvases.

For more information on Vertical Garden Design, please visit http://www.verticalgardendesign.com

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Guillaume Brunet, P.Eng

Guillaume’s passion for interior green walls began while studying at Queens University. As he observed the installation of a living wall on campus, he leveraged his engineering background and began to learn more about living wall systems, even building his own personal living wall. Over the years, his work has resulted in a deep understanding of the fundamentals in design and build concepts, which has fueled his passion to start integrating the technology for others.

His strong interest in the integration of plants in our everyday environments is what drove Guillaume to start Wallemi and partner with Michael Hellgren from Vertical Garden Design, a world leader in green wall systems. With his affiliation, Guillaume’s goal is to promote the importance of plants and the benefits of incorporating them within our living spaces as architectural pieces of art.

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Albert Mondor, DTA, B. Sc.

Albert Mondor has a diploma in ornamental horticulture and a degree in plant biology. A passionate horticulturist and garden designer, he has practiced his craft for over 30 years. He is particularly good at creating extreme landscaping on buildings and other infrastructure.

In addition to teaching courses and lecturing at conferences across Canada, his weekly gardening column has appeared in the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec since 1999. In March 2018, Albert Mondor will publish Le nouveau potager, his tenth book. He is a regular guest and contributor to radio and television programs and is hosting The Trendy Gardener spots broadcasted on Météo Média and on Internet. You can also read his blog called Extreme Horticulture at albertmondor.com.

Contact Albert for enquiries in and around the Montreal area.

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