Meet Guillaume

Guillaume Brunet, P.Eng

Founder and President

Guillaume’s passion for biophilic design began when he was a student at Queens University and witnessed the installation of a living wall on campus. Intrigued by the concept, he began leveraging his engineering background to learn more about living wall systems, even building his own personal wall. His deep understanding of design and build concepts enables him to create living architectural art pieces that are not only beautiful but also built to last. With extensive experience in the engineering field, he’s a master of managing large projects, running teams and solving complex issues.

Driven by a love of nature and a belief in its restorative power, Guillaume started Wallemi to promote biodiversity and connection to the natural environment while helping people realize the benefits of reintegrating plants into our urban spaces as living works of art.

Years after his first awed encounter with living walls on his university campus, Guillaume is still happiest on installation day, on site setting up a wall. He’s an avid skier and sipper of Bordeaux and coffee — he even has his own coffee roastery.

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