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Vertical Gardens

Wallemi Living Walls Bring Life to Spaces and Spaces to Life. It’s time to enjoy our extraordinary Living Walls, also known as Vertical Gardens! Imagine bringing the beauty of nature right into your indoor space.

Our team of experts is dedicated to designing, maintaining, and installing your very own custom-designed living wall. We ensure that it seamlessly integrates
with your existing interior design, whether it’s for commercial, institutional, or residential spaces.

Explore the incredible possibilities of our Living Walls:



Transform airports, museums, hospitals, universities, high schools, banks, government offices, and more with the mesmerizing beauty of Living Walls.


Enhance hotels, condos, lobbies, resorts, spas, retail stores, restaurants, dental and medical clinics, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, offices, gyms, community centers, pools, dealerships, and showrooms with the vibrant allure of
Living Walls.


Elevate luxury homes, custom homes,
home offices, home gyms, spas, model homes, showrooms, condos, lobbies, and retirement homes with the natural elegance of
Living Walls.

Self-sustained living walls

Imagine a fully integrated living wall that seamlessly blends with your interior building space. Our self-sustained Living Walls are architectural pieces of art that bring nature indoors.

  • Mounts to existing structural walls
  • Integrates with your building’s water and drainage systems
  • Custom Plant Lighting ensures optimal plant growth throughout the year
  • Wifi-monitored watering and lighting systems


  • Adds unparalleled design aspects to your space.
  • Increases productivity, focus, and overall wellness with biophilic design.
  • Improves mood and health and wellness.
  • Increases property values and retail sales.
  • Offers green and sustainable branding opportunities.

Reservoir living walls

For spaces without access to plumbing or irrigation systems, our Reservoir Living Walls are the perfect solution. They are fully autonomous and do not require any external mechanical services.

  • Ideal for leased properties, rentals, and spaces without plumbing access.
  • Automated watering and irrigation systems on timers.
  • Recirculating water system requiring refilling every 3-4 weeks.
  • Electrical plug access for easy installation.
  • Integrated irrigation and lighting systems with wifi monitoring.


  • Perfect for boardrooms, multi-use spaces, schools, and offices.
  • No need for plumbing or irrigation systems.
  • Offers green and sustainable branding opportunities.

Pinnacle living walls | vertical gardens

Pinnacle Living Walls are true masterpieces, combining plant sculptures and freestanding vertical gardens. They are best suited for larger spaces with high ceilings, such as malls, building entrances, courtyards, and public transport stations.

  • Offers a 360-degree visual experience.
  • Fully integrated living wall systems.
  • Can be installed indoors or outdoors.
  • Automated irrigation and fertilizer system.
  • Unique landscape silhouette or monolith design options.


  • Living pieces of architectural art with stunning views
  • High visual impact with unlimited creative design options
  • Offers green and sustainable branding opportunities

Commercial Planters

Custom-designed planters bring your interior and exterior spaces to life. Whether it’s an office building, medical or dental clinic, or any other commercial or institutional space, our custom planters will add a touch of elegance and greenery to leave a lasting impression.

pinnacle plant sculpture2

Custom designed planters

Imagine walking into a space that is not only beautifully designed but also filled with vibrant plants that breathe life into every corner. With our custom-designed planters, you have the opportunity to transform any area into a stunning oasis.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to working closely with you to bring your vision to reality. We understand that every space is unique, and that’s why we offer personalized consultations to ensure that the plant selection, design, and installation of your custom planters perfectly match your needs and preferences.

Whether you’re looking to create luxurious private garden designs, enhance condo rooftop gardens, add greenery to your interior landscaping, or design community space gardens, we have the expertise to make it happen. Our range of custom planter designs includes options such as galvanized, metal, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, and corten steel, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your space.


  • Adds a touch of elegance and greenery to your space, creating a welcoming and refreshing environment.
  • Custom-designed planters allow you to express your unique style and enhance the overall aesthetics of your space.
  • The presence of plants has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing stress and improving air quality.
  • While our planters require regular and annual maintenance, our team can provide guidance and support to ensure your plants thrive.
  • Planter designs include: galvanized, metal, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum, and corten steel, allowing you to choose the style that best suits your space.

Application types

  • Luxury Private Garden Designs
  • Luxury Condos
  • Rooftops Gardens
  • Interior Landscaping
  • Seasonal Exterior Landscaping
  • Community Space Gardens

Custom canopy systems

Have you ever considered bringing plants to life on your ceilings? Our innovative Canopy Systems make it possible to create stunning green ceilings that add a touch of drama and elegance to any space.


Traditionally, vertical gardens have been popular for filling walls with plants, but now we bring you Canopy Systems, a lightweight planting system designed specifically for ceilings. Imagine walking into a room where beautiful plants cascade from above, creating transparent layers of green that captivate the senses.


  • Unlike traditional planters that can be heavy when filled with soil and water, our Canopy Systems are lightweight and easily attach to most ceilings.Our fully automated irrigation and fertilization system ensures minimal maintenance demands, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your green ceiling without the hassle.
  • Plant lighting is recommended for most indoor environments to provide the ideal growing conditions, especially considering our climate and seasonal changes.
  • With our wifi monitored watering and lighting systems, you can conveniently control and monitor the health of your plants from anywhere.


  • The elegant and theatrical presence of plant canopies adds a unique touch to your design space, making it visually stunning and captivating.
  • Cascading plants, especially those with a cascading growth form, create a mesmerizing effect, resembling a natural waterfall of greenery.
  • The transparent layers of plants hanging down from the ceiling add depth and dimension to your space, making it feel more vibrant and alive.

Common applications types

  • Retail Spaces
  • Restaurants & Hotels
  • Lobbies And Common Living Areas
  • Schools and Community Centres
  • Coffee shops
  • Luxury Homes & Condos
  • Rooftops Gardens

Exterior living walls

Imagine a fully integrated living wall that seamlessly blends with your exterior building with nature. It’s important to note that exterior living walls are less common in cold climates because they require special care and maintenance. It’s important to consider location, shelter from the exterior elements, and plant species when adding an exterior living wall to your design.

  • Mounts to existing structural walls
  • Integrates with your building's water and drainage systems
  • Specialized felt pocket system to account for seasonal weather conditions.
  • Wifi-monitored watering and lighting systems


  • Stunning curb appeal to instantly engage street traffic.
  • Offers green and sustainable branding opportunities.
  • Offers sustainable biodiversity to the surrounding area.

Product FAQ’s

What’s the difference between a Moss Wall and A Living Wall?

Moss walls are preserved moss installed on a structure in various designs and sizes. Moss walls can have less lifetime due to their dry and delicate nature. We do not recommend moss walls in high-traffic areas or locations that people can bump into or touch. Moss walls offer a visual impact, but do not offer air purification or any other living plant properties. Wallemi Living Walls are living plants that are integrated into a vertical structure with fully irrigated water, soil, and drainage systems. Wallemi Living walls offer surrounding air purification, increased productivity levels and improved mood and overall health because of both the plant’s physiological and biophilic properties.

What are the different types of living walls?

Wallemi Living Walls are Felt & Soil systems because they are proven to be the most sustainable and reduce maintenance. The most common types of living walls are Felt & Soil Systems, Potted Plant Systems, and Hydro-ponic Systems. All have unique characteristics and you should do your research before making a decision.

How much water will the living wall use?

Wallemi Living Walls are built as sustainably as possible by mimicking the growing habits found in nature. Our living walls use on average 1 – 1.5 litres of water per metre squared per day.

How many plants should I expect to lose?

Wallemi Living Walls are a patented design to mimic nature and foster healthy plants. Our living walls lose on average between 1% – 3% of plants per year. Typically our plant loss is due to other plants taking over smaller plants or is related to environmental factors such as excessive or prolonged exposure to heat, or cold.

What are the maintenance requirements for a living wall?

We offer customized maintenance plans determined by a few factors including each client’s preference, living wall size, and location. All of this is discussed and planned during the design phase.

How long do living walls typically last?

Wallemi Living wall systems have been installed for over 19 years. We designed our walls to be as sustainable as possible by mimicking how plants live in nature.

What types of plants are best suited for living walls?

Tropical species are the best suited for living walls, but the more biodiversity the better. We can incorporate local species for special projects. Our team of experts works with each client to select their plant design detail. When specialty plants are requested we consider each plant’s growth and dormant behaviors to allow for optimal plant health.

How much does it cost to install a living wall?

Depending on many factors including the size, location, and accessibility of the living wall; approximately $3000 per square metre including design and installation. Contact us for a quote.

Are living walls difficult to install?

Installation is done by our team of professionals. Typically we can install a living wall in 3-10 business days.

Can living walls be installed on any surface?

Yes. Wallemi living walls require a supporting wall structure. For those who do not have access to wall structures we recommend our Reservoir Living Wall system.

Do living walls attract insects or pests?

As with any indoor plant and soil insects can be present. Wallemi living walls have very little pest issues. If pests become present our trained professionals treat the living wall with non-invasive methods.

How can I incorporate a living wall into my home or office design?

First determine your budget and the space you want to incorporate your living wall into. Then book a consultation to choose what type and size of living wall you want. Our living walls range in size from 8x12ft to 5 stories high, the bigger the better! You can select Self-sustained Living Walls which are fully integrated with your existing building; Reservoir Living Walls that are autonomous to the surrounding environment; Pinnacle Designed Walls that are fully integrated to the existing building; and Canopy Ceiling installations. Whatever you choose, our team will bring your vision to life.

Can living walls be used for noise reduction?

Yes. Living walls are an excellent method for noise reduction especially in offices, libraries, schools, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, spas, and lobbies.

How do living walls improve air quality?

According to NASA 60% of air purification comes from the plant’s rootball 60% and the remaining 40% of purification comes from the healthy leafy part of the plant. The healthier the plants the better! There is limited hard data to provide quantifiable results due to the wide range of variables including environmental surroundings, building size, air flow, size of plants, location of plants, and much more, but plants are both aesthetically pleasing and proven to purify the surrounding air quality.

Should I be worried about mold?

Don’t worry about mold if you have a Wallemi Living wall system. Our patented design system is made to prevent mold by reducing water usage, impeding light to surface area contact and incorporating automated timers to water the plants.