Hotel Kungsträdgården

The Vision

A hotel should feel like a refuge from the rush of daily life, which can be hard to achieve in the middle of a big city. Hotel Kungsträdgården, a boutique hotel housed in a gloriously restored eighteenth-century building in central Stockholm, pulls it off beautifully, thanks in part to a green wall that reduces noise and echo in the large, open restaurant while acting as a stunning architectural feature.

The Details

Hotel Kungsträdgården’s bar and restaurant area was already spectacular — our job was just to enhance it. To take advantage of the high and narrow walls, we chose plants to create a cascading, tropical look. Philodendron scandens, Chlorophytum comosum and Ficus pumila act as a vertical backdrop for dramatic accent plants, including large, pendant aroids, cascading ferns, and flowering begonias and Streptocarpus.

The King’s Garden, Stockholm
Living Wall
2 walls, 15m2 each

“I’ve not stayed at the hotel but I sometimes go for a drink in their lovely bar/restaurant area. The walls are dressed with vegetation and the place has got a peaceful vibe to it. Very relaxing to have a drink there after a dinner.”

Salsa (Salsinator) (Guest of Hotel)
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