Aries Contracting

The Vision

The staff at Aries Contracting, a leader in fireproofing, spray-on insulation and acoustical treatments, often spend their day looking at open walls and ceilings. The company wanted to give them a more inspiring office space while offering a serene, mood-boosting experience to clients using the lobby and waiting areas.

The Details

Located in the reception area, the living wall greets employees and clients as they enter the building. Seasonal feature plants, such as poinsettia in the winter and orchids in the summer, keep things fresh.


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Ottawa, Ontario
Living Wall

“I would describe our living wall as beautiful, energizing and mood boosting. I am lucky enough to have my desk in the same room as our living wall and I can attest to its benefits in our office. The variety of plants offers visual appeal as well as the feeling of bringing nature indoors. As a main focal point, it adds a high-end, eco-friendly feel to our office that clients and guests appreciate.”

Anna Passmore, Aries Contracting
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