The Vision

The owners of Aquatria, a luxurious, bespoke retirement residence in Casselman, Ontario, envisioned the community as an oasis of calm and relaxation. They commissioned a unique living wall to add to the sense of serenity, and it seems that it’s succeeded, becoming a favourite spot for people to gather.

The Details

Strategically positioned for optimal visibility, the green wall can be seen from a main hallway, the front entrance and the lobby, as well as from the second-floor units and hallway. Long draping plants create a luxurious waterfall effect while several large feature plants add drama.

Casselman, Ontario
Living Wall

“The living wall feature at Aquatria retirement residence is what people talk about the most in our building. Our residents, families and visitors are always drawn to the living wall as soon as they walk in. It is the most photographed area of our home. Every day there are people sitting and relaxing near the wall, admiring its beauty reconnecting to nature. From conception to execution, working with the Wallemi team was a breeze. The Wallemi team is professional and meticulous during regular maintenance visits. They engage our residents and encourage them to use the plant clippings in their own living units; we now have plants throughout the building! We recommend retirement residences and healthcare facilities incorporate living walls to their spaces.”

Rose Cohen, GM/DOC Aquatria
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