Green Wall System Features

Fully automated. Continuously monitored. Beautiful and alive.

Self Sustaining

Each living wall uses a self-sufficient system that ensures the well being of its plants in an ideal environment. The integrated watering system continuously monitors and controls the quantity of water and nutrients given to the plants on daily basis.

Full Automation. Minimal Maintenance

Our wall systems require minimum maintenance, as they are fully automated making them care free for our clients. Our membrane and soil system combine with the integrated watering system assures that our living walls are water efficient. When the wall is fully installed and watered, it can weigh up to 25kg/m2.

Plants and Lighting Included

We provide our clients with a choice of plants that suits their climate and are available from the local Canadian nurseries. Custom lighting is integrated to supplement a room’s natural light in order to guarantee the proper amount of light exposure.

Custom Architecture

The materials used to create our walls consist of a PhytoTex® membrane system developed by Vertical Garden Design. A combination of soil and hydroponic principals create the ideal medium for plant growth and allows us to create unique shapes and lush, organic growth patterns.


Wallemi is a full service company that makes your living wall idea come to life. We design, build and maintain your green wall system to facilitate the integration of natural plants into your environment.

The consultation begins by meeting each client individually to understand their vision, and to explore the design possibilities of a living wall within the desired space. Throughout each preliminary phase, we develop a relationship with our clients to determine the type and purpose for their vertical garden. We then discuss the specifications of the project such as the location, size, and assortment of plants, and discuss the addition of any architectural features included to its design.

Once the design phase is reached, we provide your ideas to Vertical Garden Design who then creates multiple CAD-based diagrams to visually illustrate the desired configuration for the plants and architectural features. During this phase, we also look at the services needed to supply the green wall system. This includes utilities such as artificial lighting, additional plumbing and electrical servicing to the wall’s automated system.


Once the client is fully satisfied with the structural design and plant selection, our building team will proceed with the installation of the vertical garden system. Depending on the size of the wall and the amount of materials needed, the installation phase can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to complete. In addition, should the wall be delivered to a new building or renovation project, we can stage the installation during different phases of our client’s projects.

After the wall is assembled, and before the plants are installed, we will test the system to ensure that all the components are working as required. Once completed, we then install the plants and bring your project to life!


With the help and knowledge of our botanists, Wallemi’s maintenance program is tailored to your wall’s continuous growth and esthetic appeal. As your plants mature and grow in size, the maintenance program will adapt to its development. While the natural and or artificial lighting is monitored, nutrients are adjusted through the watering system and plants are pruned, replaced or removed accordingly.

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