The Vision

Carbonleo is undertaking one of the largest developments in Montréal, The Royalmount, as a statement to their commitment to green design they started by installing two living walls in their own head office. The planting design included over 28 varieties of plants and various species of begonias, adding even more visual interest among the green foliage with accent colours.

The Details

The largest living wall is situated beside the receptionist desk. As you enter the office from the elevators, you are welcomed by the kind receptionist and the lively vertical garden. Perfectly positioned to interact with the living wall as staff and clients move around the office, there’s several workstations and seating areas that face the living wall. The second wall is located at the staff entrance near a large seating area and the staff bar/lunch and meeting areas. Don’t forgot the living wall that is now digitally located in the team’s virtual backgrounds; the Carbonleo team uses their living wall image as their background for virtual team meetings and for the multimedia screens throughout the space. To stay this team loves plants would be an understatement.

Montréal, Québec
Living Wall