Living Walls

Self sufficient vertical gardens installed in your business or home. Living art that saves energy, improves air quality and reduces stress.

Customer Experience

Wallemi custom wall systems are designed and built uniquely for you, limited only by your imagination. We develop each green wall to integrate nature inside your home or business.

About Wallemi

Based in Ottawa, Wallemi takes pride in providing customers across Canada with the best experience through every step in creating, building and maintaining your custom living wall system.

Our Partner

Our partnership with Vertical Garden Design ensures that each green wall is unique in its appearance and flourishes into a singular, organic piece of art adapted to accent a room’s natural features.

Stunning Aesthetics

These one of a kind feature walls invite people into a beautiful, green and lush natural environment.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Biowalls are natural air-filters that contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment.

Improved Productivity

The lush green environment and energy rich oxygen can reduce symptoms of stress and increase productivity.

Energy and Noise Reduction

Green walls naturally block high frequency sounds and reduce exterior wall surface temperatures.

Marketing Potential

A living wall can increase patronage and property values of homes and businesses.

LEED® Credits

Green wall systems can earn buildings LEED points which helps to increase a property’s value.

...just a few benefits of vertical gardens.

A well designed green wall system offers a strong visual impact to employees and customers, and promotes healthy & sustainable living. A custom vertical garden provides an impact unlike any other architectural element. The scale and options are endless.

More Features

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